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L. Atanasova, M. Marchetti-Deschmann, A. Nemes, B. Bruckner, P. Rehulka, N. Stralis-Pavese, P.P. Łabaj PP, D.P. Kreil,* and S. Zeilinger.* Mycoparasitism related targets of Tmk1 indicate stimulating regulatory functions of this MAP kinase in Trichoderma atroviride. Sci Rep. 2023 Nov 15;13(1):19976. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-47027-6. (Download)

P.P. Łabaj, J. Dopazo, W. Xiao, and D.P. Kreil. Critical assessment of massive data analysis (CAMDA) annual conference 2021. Front Genet. 2023 Feb 16;14:1154398. (Editorial – Download)

Maciej M Kańduła; Alexander D Aldoshin; Swati Singh; Eric D Kolaczyk;* David P Kreil.* ViLoN – a multi-layer network approach to data integration demonstrated for patient stratification. Nucleic Acids Research. 2023, Jan 11, 51(1). (Download | Supplement | Code)

G. Daneshgaran, D.J. Gardner, H.A. Chen, D. Niknam-Bienia, V. Soundararajan, A.C. Raghuram, G.H. Kim, P. Labaj, D.P. Kreil, C. Wang, Y.K. Hong YK, and A.K. Wong. Silicone Breast Implant Surface Texture Impacts Gene Expression in Periprosthetic Fibrous Capsules Plast Reconstr Surg. 2023 Jan 1;151(1):85-95. (Download)


Aldoshin, AD;1 Ribitsch, I;1 Bileck, A;1 Kańduła, MM; Mayer, RL; Egerbacher, M; Gabner, S; Auer, U; Gültekin, S; Huber, J; Kreil, DP;* Gerner, C;* Jenner, F.* Molecular Mechanisms of Fetal Tendon Regeneration Versus Adult Fibrous Repair. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021, 22(11), 5619
Download | Supplementary data

Jones W,* … Kreil DP, Łabaj P, … Tong W, Shi L, Xu J.* A verified genomic reference sample for assessing performance of cancer panels detecting small variants of low allele frequency. Genome Biol. 2021, 22(1):111. Download

Gong B,1 Li D,1 Kusko R,1Kreil DP, Łabaj P, … Tong W, Shi L,* Jones W,* Xu J.* Cross-oncopanel study reveals high sensitivity and accuracy with overall analytical performance depending on genomic regions. Genome Biol. 2021, 22(1):109.

Suo C, Chen H, Binczyk F, Zhao R, Fan J, Yang X, Yuan Z, Kreil D, Łabaj P, Zhang T, Lu M, Jin L, Polańska J, Chen X, Ye W. Tumor infiltrating lymphocyte signature is associated with single nucleotide polymorphisms and predicts survival in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients. Aging. 2021, 13(7):10369-10386. Download PubMed PMC


Atanasova, L;1 Gruber, S;1 Lichius, A;1 Radebner, T; Abendstein, L; Münsterkötter, M; Stralis-Pavese, N; Łabaj, PP; Kreil, DP*; Zeilinger, S.* The Gpr1-regulated Sur7 family protein Sfp2 is required for hyphal growth and cell wall stability in the mycoparasite Trichoderma atroviride. Scientific Reports. 2018; 8(1)

Ribitsch, I;1 Mayer, RL;1 Egerbacher, M; Gabner, S; Kańduła, MM; Rosser, J; Haltmayer, E; Auer, U; Gültekin, S; Huber, J; Bileck, A; Kreil, DP;* Gerner, C;* Jenner, F.* Fetal articular cartilage regeneration versus adult fibrocartilaginous repair: secretome proteomics unravels molecular mechanisms in an ovine model. Disease Models & Mechanisms. 2018; 11(7)

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Dame, K; Cincotta, S; Lang, A; Sanghrajka, R; Zhang, L; Kwok, L; Wilson, T; Choi, J; Kańduła, MM; Monti, S; Hollenberg, A; Mehta, P; Kotton, D; Ikonomou, L. Thyroid progenitors are robustly derived from embryonic stem cells through transient, developmental stage-specific overexpression of Nkx2-1. Stem Cell Reports, 2017; 8(2):216-225


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