News from the group:
Research Exchange Fellowships - IAESTE (apply)
CAMDA 2023 - ISMB Conference Track, 26-27 July, Lyon, France (read more)
World-leading patient stratification - graph based cancer data integration (read more)
Confirming molecular mechanisms of tendon regeneration - a powerful ovine fetal model (read more)
CAMDA 2022
ISMB Conference Track,
11-12 July, Madison, USA
(read more)
NVIDIA GTC Best Poster Award
for MM Kańduła
at GTC'18
Outstanding Presentation Prize
for MM Kańduła
at CAMDA'17
Outstanding Presentation Prize
for PP Łabaj
at CAMDA'15 (photo)
Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation scholarship
for MM Kańduła
at Boston University
OeAW APART fellowship
for PP Łabaj

Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) project,
MAQC Consortium 2011–2014 (read more)
Host–parasite interactions in biocontrol, WWTF grant 2010–2013 (read more)

Power and limitations of RNA-Seq,
FDA SEQC, Nature Biotechnology (read more)
Characterization and improvement of RNA-Seq precision,
Bioinformatics (read more)
Impact of heavy tails in microarray analysis, Bioinformatics (read more)
Novel conserved repeats in sorting signals,
FEBS Journal (read more)
Sound sensation gene,
Nature communications
(read more)
RNA interference in ageing research,
Gerontology (read more)

Our regular bioinformatics research seminar features presentations of original research, invited speakers, and paper reading sessions. Please contact Peter Sykacek to be put on our mailing list for seminar announcements. Peter also maintains a list of past and upcoming talks.

We are collaborating with other universities in Vienna on establishing a new M.Sc. program, introducing a rigorously interdisciplinary approach to Bioinformatics. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the program as one of its first students.

Photo of international students summer 2009 in the computer lab at Boku, course 793.306

Members of the group have been teaching at university level and as part of international conferences for several years. Here at Boku, we lecture a variety of courses. Due to the nature of our field, all our teaching is in English.

Formal note: optional elective = Freifach, elective = Wahlfreifach.

Term times

The university provides a full term schedule (in German).