News from the group:
Research Exchange Fellowships - IAESTE (apply)
CAMDA 2023 - ISMB Conference Track, 26-27 July, Lyon, France (read more)
World-leading patient stratification - graph based cancer data integration (read more)
Confirming molecular mechanisms of tendon regeneration - a powerful ovine fetal model (read more)
CAMDA 2022
ISMB Conference Track,
11-12 July, Madison, USA
(read more)
NVIDIA GTC Best Poster Award
for MM Kańduła
at GTC'18
Outstanding Presentation Prize
for MM Kańduła
at CAMDA'17
Outstanding Presentation Prize
for PP Łabaj
at CAMDA'15 (photo)
Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation scholarship
for MM Kańduła
at Boston University
OeAW APART fellowship
for PP Łabaj

Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) project,
MAQC Consortium 2011–2014 (read more)
Host–parasite interactions in biocontrol, WWTF grant 2010–2013 (read more)

Power and limitations of RNA-Seq,
FDA SEQC, Nature Biotechnology (read more)
Characterization and improvement of RNA-Seq precision,
Bioinformatics (read more)
Impact of heavy tails in microarray analysis, Bioinformatics (read more)
Novel conserved repeats in sorting signals,
FEBS Journal (read more)
Sound sensation gene,
Nature communications
(read more)
RNA interference in ageing research,
Gerontology (read more)

Paweł P. Łabaj, Ph.D.

OeAW APART fellow; Post-doctoral research fellow

+43 1 47654 79172

Interests: Sequence analysis, Next Generation Sequencing, classification methods, feature extraction, pattern recoginition, data integration, workflow systems.

Background: Fellow of Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology (APART) by Austrian Academy of Science (OeAW). Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at Boku University Vienna on Measurement and data analysis in the face of noise and complex backgrounds - Advances from improved bioinformatics algorithms. Master of Science from The Silesian University of Technology (Gliwice, Poland) in Computer Science. Mastes's Thesis on a system of automatic analysis and pattern recoginition using neural networks. Junior member of research staff in The Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment (Zabrze, Poland) in the Department of Biomedical Computer Science.

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