News from the group:
CAMDA'17 Conference
22-23 July 2017,
Prague, Czech Republic
(read more)
Outstanding Presentation Prize
for PP Łabaj
at CAMDA'15 (photo)
OeAW APART fellowship
for PP Łabaj

Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) project,
MAQC Consortium 2011–2014 (read more)
Host–parasite interactions in biocontrol, WWTF grant 2010–2013 (read more)

Power and limitations of RNA-Seq,
FDA SEQC, Nature Biotechnology (read more)
Characterization and improvement of RNA-Seq precision,
Bioinformatics (read more)
Impact of heavy tails in microarray analysis, Bioinformatics (read more)
Novel conserved repeats in sorting signals,
FEBS Journal (read more)
Sound sensation gene,
Nature communications
(read more)
RNA interference in ageing research,
Gerontology (read more)

Nancy Stralis Pavese, Ph.D.

Head of genomics laboratory

+43 1 47654 6844/6834

Interests: Driving method-development of quantitative microarray expression profiling of the fruit-fly Drosphila melanogaster. And further optimisation of applied expression profiling experiments.

Background: Dissertation in Molecular ecology of methanotrophic bacteria associated with different vegetation types in landfill lysimeter experiment and development of a microbial diagnostic microarray (University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna-Austria). M.Sc. in Genetics: Recombinant PrV S-Layer proteins as candidate vaccine (University of Vienna).

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