black microarray fluorescent image Online Supplement for
Aneuploidy in Arabidopsis (Huettel et al., 2008)
4 Feb 2008 Vienna

Effects of Aneuploidy on Genome Structure, Expression and Interphase Organization in Arabidopsis thaliana

Bruno Huettel,1 David P. Kreil,1 Marjori Matzke,* and Antonius J. M. Matzke

These pages provide supplementary information to the journal article published in

PLoS Genetics 4 (10), e1000226 (2008).

Microarray data has been submitted to the public ArrayExpress repository (accession number E-MEXP-1454).

Supplementary figures and tables explicitly referenced in the manuscript are provided in section Microarray Results.

Section Microarray Methods contains diagnostic plots for the low-level array data analysis and transforms and discusses normalization choices.

Finally, the Fluorescence Microscopy section provides electronic copies of the fluorescence microscopy photographs shown in the paper.