black microarray Online Supplement for
Model based probe set optimization (Leparc et al., 2009)
30 July 2009 Vienna

Model based probe set optimization for high-performance microarrays

Germán G. Leparc,* Thomas Tüchler, Gerald Striedner, Karl Bayer, Peter Sykacek, Ivo Hofacker, and David P. Kreil*

These pages provide supporting information for the journal article published in

Nucleic Acids Research 37 (3), e18.

This online archive provides full probe-design result files, and further supporting text and figures.

For convenience, these are all collected and linked to from a Supplement Index Document in PDF format, for which a number of free readers and internet browser plug-ins are available. In all likelihood, these will already be installed on your system.

Follow this link to the Supplement Index Document to continue.

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