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Aneuploidy in Arabidopsis (Huettel et al., 2008)
4 Feb 2008 Vienna

Effects of Aneuploidy on Genome Structure, Expression and Interphase Organization in Arabidopsis thaliana

Bruno Huettel,1 David P. Kreil,1 Marjori Matzke,* and Antonius J. M. Matzke

Fluorescence Microscopy of Metaphase Chromosomes

Metaphase chromosomes stained with the fluorochrome DAPI and detected by fluorescence microscopy reporting on the total chromosome number. Pistils were used as plant material.

tetraploid triploid trisomic

In conjunction with the pictures shown in the next section, tetraploids, triploids and trisomics are easily classified by the different number of blue spots.

Fluorescence Microscopy of Interphase Nuclei

Tetraploid (4n=20) Triploid (3n=15) Trisomic (2n=10+1)
tetraploid triploid trisomic

Interphase nuclei in root cells showing decondensed chromosomes as detected by fluorescence microscopy. Red and green dots mark the transgene insertion sites which are both located on chromosome 5. Dot numbers thus report on the actual copy numbers of chromosome 5 in the examined Arabidopsis thaliana plants.

3D Fluorescence Microscopy

Examples of connected YFP and DsRed dots for measurements of distances in three-dimensions.

tetraploid triploid
trisomic trisomic

The photographs show maximum projections (all stacks were collapsed into one plane). The bar indicates 5Ám. The labelling denotes the plant tested. Triploids (3n=15) are on the left (plant 8-5); trisomics (2n=10+1) on the right (plants 6-5 and 6-7).

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