BibGlimpse on common Linux distributions

The BibGlimpse package provides shell scripts for failsafe installation of BibGlimpse on the latest versions of three of the most common Linux distributions:

ubuntu 8.04.1

Ubuntu is a desktop distribution that has recently become very popular. It is derived from Debian and maintained by Canonical. BibGlimpse was tested on the latest ubuntu release using the ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso DVD image with default installation settings. Doing two sudo apt-get calls, the BibGlimpse.PREPARE_ubuntu8.04.1 script automatically installs all the packages (flex, libc6-dev) required for successful compilation of glimpse. After that, calling ./BibGlimpse.SETUP suffices to install BibGlimpse on ubuntu, with the obtained BibGlimpse webinterface depicted on the screenshot below:

fedora 9

Fedora is a free community distribution sponsored by Red Hat. BibGlimpse was tested on the latest fedora release using the Fedora-9-x86_64-DVD.iso DVD image with the standard, i.e. minimal, installation settings. Based on these, the BibGlimpse.PREPARE_fedora9 script run as root, automatically takes care of installing all the required packages (gcc, flex, some Perl modules and xpdf). BibGlimpse.SETUP is then able to successfully install BibGlimpse as any non-privileged user and without any further configurations needed. The screenshot below shows a thus successfully installed BibGlimpse on the fedora 9 desktop:

openSUSE 11.0

openSUSE was originally derived from Slackware, one of the first Linux distributions founded in 1993. The community project is now sponsored by the companies Novell and AMD. Again, the minimal standard installation from the openSUSE-11.0-DVD-x86_64.iso DVD does not come with the required capability to compile and install (gcc, flex, make). The BibGlimpse.PREPARE_openSUSE11.0 therefore installs the corresponding RPMs, such that all the configure and make commands in the BibGlimpse.SETUP script can be successfully executed without any further settings to be made. A screenshot of the hence successfully setup BibGlimpse webinterface on openSUSE 11.0 is given below:

Note, that while state-of-the-art 64 bit versions were tested here (which are supposed to support even less packages than their older 32 bit counterparts), the three package installation scripts provided, can equally serve as templates for the 32 bit versions, as well as for other Linux distributions, sharing the deb (e.g., Debian, ubuntu) or RPM (e.g. Red Hat, openSUSE, fedora, Mandriva) package management systems. In addition, some distribution even provide graphical user interfaces for package management, facilitating the setup of the required compilation abilities; for instance the YaST2 tool on openSUSE:

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