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StatSeq meeting on RNA-Seq
24-26 March 2011 Vienna

Workshop on RNA-Seq   &
Strategy Session on Joint grant proposals

(organized by Working Group 1)

Register for the workshop now!

Registration, speakers * €100
Registration, online before 22 March    €150
Registration, on-site, cash only €200

Places at the workshop and speaker slots are made available in the order of registration / submission.

* Up to eight ESF bursaries for travel and accommodation can be made available to selected speakers. The fixed subsistence payments can also cover the workshop fee.

ESF – COST Reimbursement

Keynote speakers and other contributors selected for ESF bursaries will receive funds in person and directly from the ESF COST office. The office essentially pays for economy plane tickets and public transport (taxi where necessary). Moreover, participants receive flat fees of €120 per night for accommodation as well as €40 per full day and €20 for half a day's subsistence. Note that some meals will be provided through the workshop, which therefore has a registration fee (€100). For a speaker staying three nights at a room costing €100 per night and attending the 2.5 days of the meeting, there hence is an initial outlay of €400, set off by a reimbursement of €460, plus reimbursement of travel costs. So there would be €60 of petty cash to keep. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the office of Marco Bink or consult the official ESF COST guidelines.

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